elderly fall prevention

Elderly Fall Prevention: 8 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Falling for Your Loved One

The winter season hasn’t technically even started, and we’re already experiencing freezing temperatures and a few snowstorms! Once winter comes around, we can begin to expect harsher weather conditions with snow and ice, which can lead to dangerous risks for those going outside. Falling is a major risk for the elderly, and the likelihood of […]

skilled nursing facility services

5 Skilled Nursing Facility Services to Look For

Skilled nursing facilities provide a range of services to target different types of care and to satisfy various needs. If you’re in the process of considering different nursing facilities as options, it’s important to look into the different services they provide to ensure the one you choose will fulfill the needs that you may be […]

sub-acute vs. long-term care

Average Time Spent in a Nursing Home: Sub-Acute vs. Long-Term Care

Moving your loved one into a nursing center can be a difficult but important decision to make. Seventy percent of people over age 65 will require some degree of sub-acute or long-term care services in their lifetime. Choosing the right nursing center requires a great deal of consideration, so it’s normal to have plenty of […]

elderly care

Nursing Home Vs. Rehabilitation Center: What Care Do You Need?

When it comes to long-term care, choosing the right type of care is critical to ensuring a successful transition for both patients and their families. You may be deciding from a nursing home, an assisted living center, a rehabilitation center, or something in between.