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Selecting a Nursing Center

Placing a family member in a nursing center can be an emotional and difficult decision.  Choosing the right facility does not have to be.  Even when a nursing center, such as Knollwood, comes highly recommended, it’s best to see it for yourself and determine if it meets your expectations.  When visiting a nursing center, ask yourself the following questions to assess whether or not it is a good fit for you.

Can I afford this nursing center?

While quality of care is, and should be, your first priority when finding a nursing center, you must consider how the care will be funded short and long term. Be as realistic as possible about your finances and consider nursing centers that fit your financial criteria.

Is this nursing center conveniently located?

Consider nursing centers in locations that are most convenient to the people who will be visiting most often.  Studies show that nursing center residents may recover more quickly when given the regular attention of family and friends.  Frequent visitors can also help to monitor the resident’s condition, become more involved in care planning, and respond to emergency situations more easily.

Can this nursing center accommodate unique or special needs?

The nursing center you choose should accommodate the unique or special care needs your family member requires.  For example, if your family member should require psychiatric care, extra supervision to prevent wandering, ventilator ability, or Alzheimer’s care, it’s best to ensure that the nursing center can accommodate these needs.  The nursing center’s ability to cater to religious, language, and cultural preferences should also be considered, particularly if the stay is likely to be long-term placement.

How do I feel about this nursing center after a tour?

The best way to get a feel for a nursing center is to schedule a tour of their facilities.  Be sure to bring a Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist with you.  While impressive furnishings in the lobby are great, it’s important to ask to see the entire facility to make sure that there is quality care in the patients’ rooms.  Pay close attention to the way the staff treats the residents and the staff-to-patient ratio.  Remember that if you choose this nursing center, these are the people who will be taking care of your loved one, perhaps for the rest of his or her life.

Whether you are comparing two facilities or ten, when you are diligent in the vetting process, you will feel confident in your decision to place your loved one at Knollwood Nursing Center.

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