Rehabilitation Services and Subacute Care

Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center

Knollwood Nursing Center is a place for seniors to regain their strength, confidence, and independence after an injury or illness. We cover all types of senior care and rehabilitation needs, from short-term, sub-acute care to long-term, complex disease management.

Our trained team of nurses, physicians, and rehabilitation specialists work round-the-clock to make sure your family member is comfortable and taken care of. While in our care, your loved one will have access to state-of-the-art housing, health and wellness, and lifestyle amenities. We treat each other like family, whether during therapy or a social gathering. Families are active participants in each patient’s recovery journey. Upon check-out, families will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide continuing care to their loved ones.

What is Senior Rehabilitation?

Senior rehabilitation refers to the short-term or long-term care of seniors recovering from minor to complex health issues. After getting discharged from the hospital, a senior rehab facility offers a haven for recovery and high-quality living. The facility is both a healthcare and residential environment run by a team of physicians, registered nurses and nursing administrators, rehabilitation experts, an in-house dietician, social workers, and dedicated support staff and volunteers in Worcester. They work together to help patients and their families get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Rehabilitative Services

We pride ourselves on providing a customized care plan for each patient. This plan is created in conjunction with a patient’s doctor or surgeon before he or she arrives in Knollwood’s care. Our senior rehabilitation staff in Worcester is skilled in a variety of rehabilitation needs. Below are some of the services our staff provides:

  • Rehabilitative therapy 7 days a week – this personalized program is aimed at regaining the skill and function that a patient lost due to an illness or injury.
  • Occupational therapy – using everyday activities, we’ll help a patient regain, improve, and maintain the skills they need for daily living and working.
  • Speech and language therapy – We provide treatment, care, and support for patients dealing with communication difficulties as a result of a stroke or any other natural cause.
  • Stave IV wound care – Stage IV wounds often involve extensive tissue loss or damage, requiring serious treatment. We help patients recover in peace in our state-of-the-art nursing home.
  • Respiratory care – at Knollwood Nursing Center, we offer a personalized therapy designed to help improve a patient’s breathing and respiratory function.
  • Pain management – chronic pain or pain caused by an illness or injury can significantly affect a person’s quality of life. Our pain management nurses help ease and manage a patient’s discomfort.

Why Choose Knollwood for Your Loved One’s Recovery

You’re used to going above and beyond to take care of your family member, so let Knollwood Nursing Center lend you a hand. Our bright, airy, and comfortable rooms are designed to be semi-private, with beds facing toe-to-toe so each patient receives his or her own windows. Our highly trained staff can provide your family with the information and guidance you need to find the road to recovery. We are a pioneering senior rehab facility in Worcester, Massachusetts, which means we’re continually finding ways to improve the care and recovery of each patient. We’ve spent years reinventing our models of care for the benefit of the community. On top of that, here are other reasons to choose our skilled nursing home:

  • Family-oriented – unlike hospitals where patients get a standardized level of care, our team takes each patient’s exact situation, needs, and goals into careful consideration. We involve family members and caregivers in personalizing a care plan, which we’ve proven to have positive effects on a patient’s healing process and overall experience.
  • Comprehensive services – our center is run by physicians, nurses, and nursing administrators trained in all facets of rehabilitative care. Be it a minor injury or complex illness, we have the skills and facilities to aid in each patient’s recovery. On top of our rehabilitative and residential care, we also provide palliative and respite care, hospice services and spiritual services, and complex medical management.
  • Exceptional living – from the accommodations to the common areas, our facility is made to have all the comforts of home, and more. We have a restaurant-like dining area, large halls for social gatherings, manicured grounds, a peaceful courtyard, and dedicated spaces for our exercise, art, and music programs. Every corner is kept clean, safe, and comfortable by our dedicated housekeeping and support staff, all to deliver on our promise of creating a haven for recovery, independence, and quality senior living.

Our Goal for Our Senior Patients

We strive to balance personalized care and independence. While we maintain a strong healthcare environment, we also run programs and invest in facilities that allow our patients to do what they love. Our accommodations are made to resemble home.

But what makes our senior rehabilitation center feel more like home than a hospital is our warm and helpful staff. We share a belief that treating each patient like family contributes to a satisfying experience and speedy recovery.

We do all these, day in and day out, to achieve one goal: to help our senior patients reach optimal health, strength, and confidence to resume living independently.

We then pass on the necessary skills, resources, and know-how to their families when our senior patients are ready to go home and make the transition.

To learn more about our subacute care, please visit our page dedicated to this service. Or, if you’d like more general information on our rehabilitation program, please fill out the form to the right or give us a call at (508) 853-6910.

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