Long Term Rehab and Skilled Nursing Facility FAQ

  1. How will I get to Knollwood Nursing Center from the hospital?

    The hospital will arrange transportation to Knollwood Nursing Center for you. The cost of transportation from the hospital to Knollwood is typically covered by your insurance. The staff at the hospital will review this information with you and assist with any concerns you might have regarding your transportation to the nursing center.

  2. Who pays for my stay at Knollwood Nursing Center?

    Medicare and other insurance plans will generally cover most expenses associated with a short-term, sub-acute stay. At times, portions of long-term stays may be covered. Often, regardless of the length of stay, co-payments are required. Your hospital discharge planner or Knollwood's Admissions and Social Service office can review your insurance coverage with you.

  3. What will happen when I arrive?

    The ambulance driver will bring you to your room. The majority of our rooms are semi-private which means you will share your room with only one other person. Private rooms are available on a limited basis. Once you are settled in your room, your nurse will begin his/her assessment of your care needs.

  4. Who will be caring for me while I am at Knollwood?

    The group of caring professionals working with you and your family during your stay will include a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, licensed nurses, nursing assistants, therapists, dietician, nurse case manager, social worker, and other specialists who need to be consulted during your stay. Our staff is well-trained in providing sub-acute care and serve as a support system to you and your family.

  5. When will I begin receiving therapy?

    The time of day that you are admitted to Knollwood Nursing Center will determine when the therapists begin their evaluation. If you arrive in the morning, the therapists will complete their evaluation that day. If you arrive late in the day or in the evening, you should have received your therapy treatment prior to your discharge from the hospital, thus you will be evaluated by Knollwood’s therapy staff the next day.

  6. Will I have a television and a telephone in my room?

    Your in-room amenities at Knollwood Nursing Center include a cable television and telephone. There is a daily charge for these services, which are not covered by your health insurance.

  7. Can I have visitors while I am at Knollwood Nursing Center?

    Family and friends are always welcome to visit you while you are at Knollwood. The visiting hours are daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

  8. How long can I expect to stay at Knollwood Nursing Center?

    Every person is different. The duration of your stay is determined by the progress you are making, evaluation by your insurer, and discharge goals. Plans for discharge are made in conjunction with both the patient and family members. The nurse case manager or the social worker will keep you informed of your progress and approximately how long you will be staying at Knollwood.

  9. Will I receive nursing care and therapy at home?

    This depends on your medical condition upon discharge and the amount of home health services your insurance will cover. We will recommend the services we feel are necessary, but your insurance provider will ultimately determine your eligibility.