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5 Skilled Nursing Facility Services to Look For

Skilled nursing facilities provide a range of services to target different types of care and to satisfy various needs. If you’re in the process of considering different nursing facilities as options, it’s important to look into the different services they provide to ensure the one you choose will fulfill the needs that you may be looking for or haven’t even considered yet. Below are 5 skilled nursing facility services to look for.

1. Options for the Type of Care Needed

Every individual may have different needs that require different types of care services and treatments. Depending on the level of the recovery needed by the patient from their particular injury or illness, they may require different rehabilitative services through either short-term or long-term care. When deciding on a nursing facility, it’s essential to find one that offers options that fit the level of care your loved one needs to ensure a smooth transition and recovery process. Skilled nursing facilities usually offer both acute and subacute care to accommodate various paces of recovery.

Short-Term Care Services

Depending on the seriousness of the functional impediments the patient faces, the timeframe and intensity of the recovery process may vary. Skilled nursing facilities usually offer both acute and subacute care to accommodate various paces of recovery. Acute care can be defined as an intensive rehabilitation process that’s designed to allow patients to get back to their prior functioning quickly. On the other hand, sub-acute care serves to reach the same goal but tends to be a less intensive process adjusted for those who may find a more acute recovery process too strenuous. Both these processes aim to help the patient to fully regain their strength and mobility or at least as much as possible. In some cases, considering long-term care services may be a more appropriate option for those who may not be able to return to a completely independent living situation.

Long-Term Care Services

Based on the extent of your loved one’s needs, long-term care may be a more realistic option. There are several types of long-term care options to satisfy the needs of various situations including nursing homes, assisted living centers, rest homes, and other care options for seniors along. Knollwood is one of the few nursing centers offering both long-term care facilities and an in-patient rehabilitation facility that works together. This ensures a smoother transition for the patient that allows them to remain in familiar surroundings making the healing process much more comfortable.

2. Rehabilitative Services

The need for different rehabilitative services will also range based on the complexity of the injury and or illness the patient endured. There are several different types of rehabilitative services that cover various care needs for both short-term and long-term recovery processes.

Knollwood has a strong team of trained and experienced nurses, physicians, and rehabilitation specialists that work hard to make sure your family member is taken care of with a comfortable path towards recovery. Our Care Coordination Team works to develop a personalized care plan for each patient that consists of various rehabilitative services and medical treatment. This is customized specifically to each individual’s needs. Listed below are some of the services Knollwood provides to fit various rehabilitative needs:

  • Physical Therapy: helps the patient make progress toward obtaining prior skill and function to the best of their capability.
  • Occupational Therapy: allows the patient to regain, improve, and maintain the skills needed for work and day to day life through practicing everyday activities.
  • Speech Therapy: provides patients who are dealing with communication issues as a result of a stroke or another natural cause with the treatment, care, and support they need.
  • Respiratory Care: personalized therapy designed to improve the patient’s breathing and respiratory system.
  • Pain Management: pain management nurses help to ease and manage chronic pain or pain sourcing from an injury or illness that causes the patient extreme discomfort negatively impacting the quality of their life if not properly managed.
  • Stage IV Wound Care: involves treatment for severe wounds including extensive tissue loss or damage.
    Various Medical Ancillary Services: care treatment that targets specific areas of the body including podiatry, optometry, and dentistry.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Care: easy and instant access to emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Hospice Care: both palliative and respite care are offered to hospice patients and their families.

3. Medication Management

Medication distribution is a typical service offered in nursing homes. Skilled nursing facilities should have a thorough process and program to manage and distribute medications. It’s essential for registered nurses and licensed practitioners to accurately monitor each patient’s incoming, outdated, and unneeded medications to make sure they’re receiving the best medical treatment possible. This involves appropriately assessing each individuals’ needs while documenting the patient’s progress and reactions to analyze if there’s a need to change the dosage or medication type.

Since every individual will require different needs, each resident should have personalized documentation explaining the medications they use, any interactions they have, and their medicine allergies that coincides with a care plan that designates the dosage and timing of their medication.

4. Health and Wellness Services

Aside from healthcare treatments, an excellent skilled nursing facility will offer other high-quality services and amenities to support both the physical and mental wellness of the patient. Knollwood offers various health and wellness services including the following:

  • Personal and Custodial Care: Assistance with personal tasks including walking, dressing, bathing, and toilet assistance.
  • High-Quality Dining and Nutritional Services: A full menu of patient-selected meals along with a dietician.
  • Recreational and Social Services: Including music programs, exercise classes, painting classes, and wine & cheese socials
  • Amenities: Including appliances, cable television, phone, WiFi
  • Spiritual and Religious Services: Catholic Mass and Protestant services once a month, Ministers of Communion serving the eucharist once a week, and a rosary service once a week
  • Cosmetic Services: hairdressing services, manicures/pedicures, and more

5. Health Insurance & Financial Services

Healthcare treatment and services can be expensive even with insurance coverage at times. Some skilled nursing facilities offer various programs and policies that work with insurance companies to allow patients to receive the care they need at reasonable costs.

Knollwood offers contracts with most health insurance to easily align patients with a plan of coverage but still accepts private pay as well. Along with a few other skilled nursing facilities, Knollwood has implemented the Part D prescription plan for their patients. This plan covers a majority of the prescriptions available at nursing centers allowing patients to avoid high fees and co-pays required by certain plans.

Of the various treatments and services needed, some skilled nursing facilities allow different coverage for services and may even offer particular amenities/services free of cost. As an example, Knollwood has a dietician free of charge available to its residents and covers some types of medical ancillary services.

Get Started with the Right Skilled Nursing Facility

As your searching for a nursing facility for your loved one, it’s critical to review the services offered to ensure your choice will meet their specific needs. A highly skilled nursing facility should provide a large scale of high-quality services through a multidisciplinary medical and support staff consisting of physicians, nurses and nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, a registered dietician, rehabilitation specialists, full-time nurse case managers, and a full-time social worker for sub-acute patients.

Each individual will require different services that a nursing facility may or may not be able to provide. If you’re still on the search for the right nursing facility, download our Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist to ensure you find the right one.

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