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Choosing the right nursing center for your loved one is no small task: you want excellent care and experienced staff in a warm, hospitable environment. After all, you’re looking for care for your family member – and you want to make sure everyone involved in their care will treat them like family. There’s no shortage of nursing homes in Worcester, so how do you narrow down the choices and find the right fit?

The best way to find a nursing center that will treat your loved one right is to take a look for yourself. Take the time to see the facilities and talk to the staff. Is the center clean and comfortable? Is the staff experienced and knowledgeable? And most importantly, are they passionate about what they do and excited about working with your loved one?

Touring a nursing center can be the difference between choosing an average facility with average care and an exceptional one. If you’re ready to start your search, request your tour of Knollwood Nursing Center. We’re looking forward to meeting you.