Coronavirus Guidelines

Knollwood Nursing Center has developed certain guidelines due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)
pandemic to protect our elders, staff, and visitors. We recognize that visits from family and friends are
an important and valued component to maintaining those relationships. Unfortunately, we also
recognize that our population is frail and the most at risk from this pandemic; therefore we are not
allowing visitors into the building, except for compassionate care situations at end of life. This is a case-
by-case determination decided by the administrator, or designee.

When a compassionate care visit is indicated, there will be a maximum of two visitors allowed for a two
hour visit. Upon arrival the visitors will be screened for respiratory symptoms and fever. If the
individual has a fever or any respiratory symptoms, they will be asked to leave the facility immediately.
If the individual is safe to visit, he/she will be asked to perform hand hygiene and given a mask which
must be worn over the nose and mouth for the entire visit.

We have determined alternate methods to help our residents communicate with loved ones, which
include facetime/video conferences, traditional phone calls, and allowing residents to visit with loved
ones through a closed window. Any family member who would like to schedule a facetime/video
conference should contact our activities department at 508-852-9036.

  • We are taking the following measures to limit the risk of COVID-19 spread:
  • Residents who can safely be maintained in their rooms are self-isolating
  • Residents who need more frequent safety monitoring are encouraged to wear masks and are at
    least six feet apart from each other when out of their rooms
  • Frequent hand hygiene for staff and residents
  • Active screening of all residents for respiratory symptoms and temperature twice daily
  • Screening all staff at the beginning of their shift for respiratory symptoms or fever. Encouraging
    ill staff to stay home.
  • All staff are wearing face masks all the time and additional personal protective gear, if indicated
  • Cancellation of all non-essential appointments, including hairdresser
  • No group activities